Milk Pot Cast Iron Enamel Casserole Non-Stick Frying Pan Baby Frying Pan Baby Complementary Food Hot Milk Noodle Pot

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weight:About 2.47kg
colour:White, pink, cyan, black, a variety of colors to choose from

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Fresh and elegant colors add a beautiful scenery to your kitchen. Enamel milk pot looks beautiful, so you can enjoy the wonderful cooking fun, but also the baby’s favorite color, you can easily open your appetite.


Characteristics and advantages

It is made of cast iron and enamel. It is healthy and has no chemical coating. It is heated evenly.The inner wall of enamel is smooth. Cooking food is not easy to stick to the pot.


The cast iron lid plays a sealing role, blocking the full heat in the pot, which makes the food cook more quickly. Even if the fire is turned off, it can keep the heat for a long time and keep the baby’s food warm for a long time.


Production process

The bottom of the pot is thickened to form a structure with thick bottom and thin wall, so that the heating of the pot body will be more uniform, the cooking food will be more smooth and tender, the heat conduction will be faster, and the food nutrition can be preserved.


The inside and outside of the pot is made of high-quality enamel glaze, which is more suitable for cooking. For example, it is acid-base resistant, smooth, not easy to stick, not easy to stick oil, and easy to wash by hand. It is suitable for all types of cookers (excluding microwave ovens).When used at home, it is more suitable for medium and small fire boiling and simmering, with uniform heating and lasting heat.


Customized service

Can specify color, different kinds of fresh color for you to choose, let the beautiful color close to the user’s heart, bring them more cooking fun, bring more satisfactory food. The products will be carefully inspected and tested before leaving the factory to ensure the perfect appearance and qualified testing. The quality certification will definitely let you rest assured.



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