Honors and achievements of Sanxia in recent years

In 2019, Sanxia won the first place in the top ten enterprises in China's light industry enamel industry.

Sanxia takes industrial design as the leading part, continuously improves the practical function and aesthetic degree of products. Its own design team, and cooperates with well-known designers at home and abroad to develop products, from design, mold production to production, and has more than 40 patents and dozens of appearance patents.

The increasing innovation of enterprise design has become a powerful "push hand" for the upgrading of Sanxia. The product has price, the creativity has no price. The design innovation of Sanxia has brought surprises to the market, and the development momentum and vitality have been greatly improved.
With the "cast iron pot of rock casting" in Sanxia, the company won the German Red Dot Design Award in 2020. The pot body has added radian design, with simple and elegant structure. Let the world see the internal function of industrial design innovation of Sanxia.


While innovating in technology and design, Sanxia always insists on quality first. The company has established a complete quality control system, and its products have passed the professional tests of FDA and LFGB.


Sanxia has its own laboratory testing center. In 2020, it was awarded the accreditation of China National Accreditation Committee for conformity assessment (CNAS). It can independently carry out the qualification assessment of cast iron enamel kitchenware. Since then, Sanxia kitchenware can independently complete the authoritative certification and testing of products, and use CNAS Accreditation Mark, ILAC-MRA / CNAS mark, etc., without going through a third party.

In the future, Sanxia will continue to adhere to innovation and development, stick to quality first, make steady progress in the field of cooking utensils manufacturing, and make more achievements, and create more valuable and high-quality kitchen utensils for global families.