High quality enamel non stick cast iron frying pan steak pot

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weight:About 3.5kg
colour:Blue, orange, yellow, red, etc,a variety of colors to choose from

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Let you enjoy healthy and delicious barbecue vegetables and barbecue, chicken or fish, and enjoy the classic barbecue taste all year round.


Characteristics and advantages

Cast iron material can effectively distribute and maintain heat, so that the whole pan cooks evenly. This steak plate has a smooth enamel coating, which can make the ingredients turn over easily in the pot, not easy to stick to the bottom of the pot. The appearance of the food is obviously more fresh and tender, and the taste can easily reach the ideal state you want.


Production process

The whole pot is made of high-quality iron. It adopts advanced disa casting technology. The pot ears and handle are connected with the pot body, which is solid and durable. The enamel glaze on the surface of the pot is also carefully selected from the world-famous enamel glaze. It not only has beautiful colors and makes the cooking mood as beautiful as sunny days, but also has many talents, such as protecting the pot from rusting, making the ingredients lie on the pot surface smooth and not easy to stick to the pot. Good enamel glaze, not afraid of high temperature, with fire also need not worry about discoloration, fall off.


Detail design

The ridge shaped surface is designed in the pot, and the ridge shaped cooking surface is used on the top grill of the classic stove, which can prevent the excess oil from leaving food. It is very suitable for barbecue chicken, steak and vegetables. Also add striped barbecue marks to your food to make it more beautiful and appetizing.


The drip spouts are specially designed on both sides of the pot, which is convenient for discarding excess oil and fat. Cooking with less oil makes the food more healthy.


This non stick baking tray is suitable for all heating methods. Suitable for gas, induction cooker, glass ceramic and top of electric stove. Dirt resistant and easy to clean. Enjoy the traditional barbecue pan cooking style with the whole family.


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