Healthy wear resistant stainless steel skillet with excellent non stick experience

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Specification: Φ275*55mm Φ295*65mm
weight: About 1.0kg/ 1.1kg
texture of material: 316L stainless steel or 304 stainless steel, the material is selected by you

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Product Detail

304 stainless steel is more and more widely used in cooking. First of all, food contact is safe and healthy, and then a layer of three-dimensional texture is added to it through technology, which has more anti sticking effect. The key is that 304 stainless steel has thermal conductivity suitable for cooking, and the overall experience of skillet is excellent.

Characteristics and advantages

Compared with the common stainless steel skillet, the stainless steel skillet has the same characteristics of uniform heating. The design of large flat bottom makes the heat conduction more uniform and fast, thus greatly reducing the amount of oil smoke. Because the bottom is specially thickened, when frying meat and vegetables, it can well buffer heat, and has good heat storage effect. The fire becomes easy to control, and the food is not easy to be burnt, so as to avoid being in a hurry when cooking.

Of course, the public is most concerned about the non stick effect when frying. The surface of this skillet imitates the skillet, and also has fine three-dimensional texture. It can slightly set up the ingredients, so that there is air circulation space between the food and the bottom of the pan, and the anti stick experience is excellent. At the same time, this layer of texture can effectively protect the bottom of the pot and resist the friction of the hard spatula.

In short, the combination of 304 stainless steel and three-dimensional anti stick texture makes the cooking ability of this skillet unique and more popular.

Production process

First of all, the material is 304 stainless steel, which is very safe for food contact. This stainless steel material has been widely used in people’s daily life, especially for pregnant women and infants. Products using 304 stainless steel are everywhere. It is not only healthy and safe, but also acid-base resistant, not easy to be corroded, high-temperature cooking is not afraid of burning, not afraid of heat, will not dissolve harmful substances.
The surface of the pot is etched with a layer of anti sticking texture, which is wear-resistant and not easy to stick. The texture of the outer wall can also improve the energy accumulation and the speed of heat transfer, and it is not easy to change color and turn yellow when burning for a long time. The inner and outer texture layers protect both sides of the skillet, making it more durable.

Details of cooking utensils

The handle is lengthened to keep the distance from the fire source. The round shape makes the grip feel more comfortable. The specially thickened handle makes the handle more durable and able to bear the weight of the pot and the food in the pot.

Customized service

In addition to 304 stainless steel, you can also choose 316L stainless steel which is more healthy and pure. The texture design can also be customized. You can choose different specifications to meet all your purchasing requirements. We will strictly monitor the product quality in the production process, and the finished products will go through layer upon layer inspection before leaving the factory to ensure that the pot is qualified and exquisite.

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