Healthy milk pot, cast iron enamel casserole, baby frying pan, baby food supplement, hot milk noodle pot

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Specification: Φ170*92 mm

Weight: About 2.9 kg

Colour: Chinese red, cherry powder, mint green, a variety of colors to choose

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This enamel milk pot has a beautiful and suitable capacity, which can meet the small amount of cooking needs of the family. It is a versatile application range. It can be used to heat sauce, gravy, butter, milk or melted chocolate and other household purposes.


Healthy material

The biggest reason for choosing this enamel cast iron milk pan is that the cast iron is healthy and beautiful. The surface of the enamel enamel is acid and alkali resistant, will not change the taste of milk, tea or any other food, and is resistant to high temperatures.


This enamel milk pan is also a good heat conductor. The color and beautiful appearance added during the enamel process are pleasing to the eye.Simple and elegant, beautiful palette, sprayed with high-quality enamel, each piece is coated with 3 coats to maintain beauty and durability. There are many beautiful and bold colors for the mini pan to choose from.


Design features

The ergonomically designed wooden handle is comfortable and safe; the deepening of the pot body design provides more space. Condensate bumps on the lid can gather steam and condense into water droplets, allowing the food to retain more juice and rich nutrients in the original flavor.


Note that it is suitable for: glass ceramic stove / electric stove / halogen stove / induction stove / gas stove, etc., suitable for a variety of stoves. The whole body of the pot is made of cast iron in one piece. When using it, pay attention to prevent scalding. It is safer to hold it with heat-insulating gloves.


Customized service

The pot can be made into different specifications and different colors, you can choose according to your needs. In addition, you can also match the small steaming grid to meet the diverse needs of upper steaming and lower cooking.


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