Health and less oil smoke high purity iron frying skillet

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Specification:Φ260*46mm Φ280*50mm Φ300*50mm
weight:About 1.1kg to 1.4kg by specification
Appearance style of pot:Handle material, pot specification, oil nozzle, appearance style can be customized

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The frying pan made of high purity iron is lighter and thin, and can be operated by one hand. Can fry steak, fried chicken wings, heat conduction faster, delicious delicious food.


Characteristics and advantages

Although the pot is light and thin, the thickness design of each part is exquisite, which is very suitable for the heat conduction. When cooking food, you will find that the heating is very fast and the smoke is very small.



The surface of the pot is free of chemical coating, which is very good for health. It is often used. The surface of the pot will absorb grease constantly, and it will be more and more difficult to stick to the pot when cooking.


Production process

The unique technology of smothering iron is adopted to improve the hardness and density of the pot. The rust prevention ability of the cooker is enhanced. If it is simply maintained in daily use, rust can be avoided. This is a very intimate technology, which can avoid many troubles in the use of the family.


Details of cooking utensils

The pot body is made by intelligent spinning, which can design accurate thickness and specially thickened the bottom, which can strengthen the heat conduction effect of the pot body, and make the pot more durable and tough. The handle is wooden, with good anti scalding effect. It can be moved by one hand and operated smoothly during cooking.


Customized service

This lightweight fine iron frying pan has rich appearance design. According to your needs, you can customize the handle material, add the pan ears and oil nozzles. In addition, the outer wall color can also be specified. The color technology of Sanxia can meet your more needs for product color.Sanxia’s strict factory standards can ensure the quality of the products. You don’t need to worry about the appearance details of the products. We will check them carefully.


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