Enamel pot soup pot household 24cm non stick enamel cast iron pot stewing pot

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Specification: Φ240*115mm
weight: About 4.7kg
colour: Red, orange, blue… A variety of colors for buyers to choose from

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The enamelled cast iron pot is made of pig iron, and the outer layer is sprayed with antirust enamel layer. It has good cooking effect. Cast iron can absorb heat mildly. Stew is not only rich in flavor, but also nutritious and healthy.


Features and advantages

The use of high-quality enamel coating cast iron material, so that the whole pot bright and smooth, so that the pot is easy to clean, not easy to rust, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance. The use of enamel cast iron pot not only has beautiful appearance, but also has the cooking feeling of uniform heat conduction, so the food is not easy to scorch.


Production process

Enamel glaze is a multi-layer fine spray, the process is very exquisite, through high temperature sintering, enamel glaze firmly stick on the cast iron pot, the color is delicate and full, can protect the pot body from rust, more beautiful and durable, not afraid of fire, relatively high temperature resistance.


Details of cooking utensils

The detail design of this pot is very attentive, the lines are smooth, simple and generous, the two pot ears and pot body are formed in one, not only solid and firm, but also the arc design is mellow, it is very comfortable to hold, and it is stable and convenient to take the pot when cooking. Sanxia pays more attention to the details of the product in use, and will continue to improve to make it more practical and convenient. Product details design, will give the whole pot plus points, so that consumer satisfaction.


Customized service

The pot is available in a variety of colors. Buyers can choose colors and specifications according to their needs. If you have your own needs for the use of enamel, you can also contact us to select the category or brand of enamel. Sanxia can well meet your customized needs and provide you with better products and services that are more in line with your personal characteristics.


The quality of the pot is worth rest assured. The products are carefully checked before leaving the factory and have passed various professional tests. This product is very popular with consumers. Its capacity is suitable for family use and can meet the dining needs of several people.


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