Enamel inner wall of single handle skillet pan is not sticky and rusty

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Specification: Φ260*46mm Φ280*50mm Φ300*50mm

weight: About 1.1kg to 1.4kg by specification

Appearance style of pot: Handle material, pot specification, oil nozzle, appearance style can be customized

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If you want an excellent non-stick effect on a frying pan, in addition to chemical coating, you can also borrow black enamel to achieve the non-stick experience you want. This iron pot is covered with high-quality enamel glaze, which is a very practical and innovative craft.


Features and advantages

The material of this frying pan is high-purity iron that is good for health. The iron is strong and durable, light and thin, easy to operate, thickened bottom design, uniform heat conduction, not easy to burn, and there will be less oily smoke, which can make cooking Time is more refreshing.


Cooking at high temperature on the inner wall of the enamel is healthier. There is no need to worry about the decomposition of the coating, and it will not release harmful gases. During daily use, it absorbs cooking oil. The more you use it, the smoother it is. The non-sticky effect will gradually increase. It is also very easy to clean after cooking.


This flat-bottomed frying pan can take in a lot of delicacies, with even heat conduction. It can fry eggs, fried steaks, fried chicken wings, fried vegetables, etc. The fast heat conduction can quickly stimulate the nutrition of the ingredients, with less loss of nutrients, and more delicious.


Production technology

The inner and outer pot surfaces are sprayed with enamel, which can protect the iron pot from rust. Unlike chemical coating, it is not afraid of high temperature, acid and alkali, and is more wear-resistant. It can cook hard ingredients such as scallops.


Detailed design and customization

The solid walnut handle is anti-scalding and durable. It is connected by rivets, which is stable and not easy to loosen. It is also extremely convenient to disassemble.


The wall of the pot can be customized with grease nipple, both double grease nipple and single grease nipple, so that the soup is more clean when the soup is served, the soup is not easy to drip on the table and the pot wall, and the kitchen is more tidy.


Of course, you can also choose lids of different specifications and materials. The large capacity of 30cm can meet the needs of a large family of 4-6 people, and the small capacity of 26cm can meet the needs of a small family of 2-3.


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