Enamel inner wall of single handle frying pan is not sticky and rusty

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Specification:Φ300*97mm Φ320*105mm Φ340*113mm Φ360*120mm
weight:About 1.1kg to 1.95kg by specification
Appearance style of pot:You can choose flat bottom or round bottom, with or without nozzle, handle style, etc

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This is a kind of iron pot without chemical coating, but it still has excellent non stick effect, because it uses enamel to improve its non stick performance.


Characteristics and advantages

The frying pan is made of high-purity iron, without chemical non stick coating, and is sprayed with enamel inside and outside, which makes the pan have two excellent characteristics of non stick and wear resistance. Moreover, the enamel layer also makes the iron pot not easy to rust and easy to clean. As long as you make sure that you clean and dry it after each use, it should be able to use for many years.


Cooking with iron pot can reduce the loss of nutrients in food, especially the vegetables will be more tender, reducing the chance of vegetables yellowing too soft rotten.This pan is very fast and multifunctional.A pot in hand, you can cook a variety of dishes.


Production technology

In addition to enamel, there are many other choices for Surface Non Stick technology. Sanxia has created many advanced technologies, which can be used on the surface of iron pot to make the cooking more smooth and convenient.


Detail design and customization

The wooden handle is detachable. There is a lifting ring on the handle for hanging storage and saving kitchen space. The handle design makes it easy to grasp and the wood material keeps cool to ensure safe touch.According to the demand, the oil guide nozzle can be customized, which is convenient to pour the soup into the plate.


Of course, you can also choose different specifications to match different family cooking. You can customize large capacity to meet the needs of 4-6 people, or you can choose small capacity to meet the needs of 2-3 people.


The bottom of the pot has round bottom and flat bottom, you can choose according to the market demand. this wok can be used in all kinds of furnaces, such as electric, inductive, gas and ceramic furnaces.


Pot cover can also have a variety of options, such as glass cover, material for tempered glass, with high temperature, explosion-proof characteristics. Non toxic, easy to clean. The transparent lid allows you to observe the food being cooked at any time.


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