Enamel cast iron Dutch oven with ceramic non-stick coating smooth and easy to clean

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weight:About 5.1kg

color:Pink,black,blue,cyan and more,all according to your needs

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This special enamel pot is made of ceramic non-stick technology on the inner wall, and its anti-sticking effect is better than ordinary enamel pot during cooking. The oval shape is also unique, beautiful and beautiful, and can hold a whole fish. Meet the family’s cooking needs for three meals a day.


Healthy material

The biggest reason for choosing this enamel cast iron pot is that the material of cast iron is healthy and beautiful, the ceramic non-stick surface is acid and alkali resistant, will not change the original taste of the ingredients, and it is resistant to high temperatures and is suitable for cooking all kinds of ingredients.


Production Process

Different from the inner wall of other enamel pots with enamel coating, and even different from general chemical coating non-stick pots, the inner wall of this enamel pot is made of ceramic non-stick coating, which has achieved a breakthrough in the material, not only smooth and not easy to stick, but also And it’s healthier and safer.


Design Features

It has excellent heat conduction, retention and distribution, enables reliable cooking, is easy to use and clean, and the ceramic non-stick surface means you can wash by hand without rough scrubbing.


The two arc-shaped side handles are easy to operate, comfortable and safe; the open pot body design provides more cooking space. The condensate bumps on the lid of the pot can condense the steam and turn into water droplets to fall back into the pot evenly, allowing the food to retain more juice and rich nutrients in the original flavor.


It can be widely used in various stoves: glass ceramic stove/electric stove/halogen stove/induction stove/gas stove, etc. Because the whole pot body is made of cast iron material, it is safer to wear it with heat-insulating gloves.


Customized service

This ceramic non-stick enamel pot can be made into different specifications and different colors according to your needs.


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