Double iron ear cast-iron skillets winning German red dot award

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weight:About 2.4kg
Appearance style of pot:You can choose flat bottom or round bottom, with or without nozzle, handle style, etc

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This cast-iron skillets can make all kinds of food, such as fried salmon, fried shrimp, stewed noodles, crispy pancakes, fried tofu and so on. It has no chemical coating, but pay attention to maintenance when using. It can also have excellent non stick effect. It is healthier and more durable than non stick pot. It can be used for a long time with careful use. It is deeply loved by housewives.


Characteristics and advantages

Health without chemical coating is only one of its advantages. It also has a large diameter of 28cm, which can make more food at a time and meet the consumption of 4-6 people. Its bottom is thickened, thus forming a thick bottom and thin wall. The composite cast iron has a golden ratio of heat conduction. When heated, the heat conduction can be faster and more uniform.


The excellent heat conduction and heat storage capacity can make the food more delicious and nutritious. At the same time, whether it is a big fire or a small fire, it can properly buffer heat, so that food is not easy to paste pot, even beginners can control the fire well, cooking is no longer in a hurry.


Production process

The pot body adopts a new process of nitriding heat treatment (smothering stainless Technology). After high temperature quenching and cooling, the hardness of the pot surface is improved, the quality of the pot body is significantly improved, and the anti rust ability is enhanced.


Detail design and customization

There are two kinds of lid for you to choose from, one more choice, one more freedom. The first kind of lid is toughened glass lid, which is heat-resistant and durable. You can observe the progress of food cooking through the lid. The second cover is made of Cunninghamia lanceolata, which is simple and thick in appearance, can effectively prevent scalding, has good heat insulation effect, and is firm in texture, not easy to crack and not easy to be corroded.


The bottom of the pot is smooth and can be applied to various stoves. The two iron ears are designed to be very large. It’s very convenient to use with anti scald gloves, and it’s safe to hold.


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