Ceramic non-stick coating oval large-capacity enamel pot

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Weight:About 5.1kg
Color:Pink,black,blue,cyan and more,all according to your needs

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The outer wall of this enamel pot is light blue enamel glaze, and the inner wall is a ceramic non-stick coating with star points. The difference from ordinary enamel cast iron pots is that the inner wall is no longer enamel, but ceramic coating. Cooking The time non-stick effect is obviously improved.


Healthy material

The pot body is still pure cast iron material, which is most suitable for cooking, because the cast iron conducts heat evenly and has a strong heat storage effect. Once the pot body is heated, only need to maintain a medium and small fire to complete the cooking perfectly. Even if the stove is turned off, the pot body can still keep the temperature for a long time.


Production Process

The pot body is cast in one piece, using the Danish DISA casting production line, which is a relatively advanced technology that can improve the quality of casting. The cast-shaped pot body is polished mechanically and manually, and the surface reaches the highest standard of smoothness and fineness in the industry.


The exterior enamel glaze is also sprayed by hand, and experienced craftsmen can ensure the uniform spraying of the glaze. The inner wall adopts advanced ceramic non-stick technology, so that the pot has both beauty and luster, and the cooking ingredients can be less oily and non-sticky.


Design Features

The pot body is a unique oval shape, this pot shape increases the capacity, you can stew a whole fish or a whole chicken. Of course, toasted bread will also have more shape, and the oval shape is more interesting than the round shape.


The two pot ears are ring-shaped, which has better heat dissipation effect, thicker handle, and stronger and more stable end grip. This is a design full of beauty, with rounded curves, beautiful and compact.


Open the lid, you will see some condensation points scattered inside it. This is the key to making food. It can condense the water in the pot into droplets, and then evenly drip onto the ingredients, saving water, and even You can braise fragrant seafood without adding water.


Customized service

Like ordinary enamel cast iron pots, this enamel pot can be used on many stoves, such as electric stoves/halogen stoves/induction stoves/gas stoves, etc. You can choose different specifications, and you can also customize different colors.


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