Cast iron frying pan with single wooden handle is not easy to stick without coating

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weight:About 3.5kg
Bottom of pot:You can choose a round or flat bottom

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It is made of clean pig iron meeting professional standards. It is healthy and practical. It is not easy to break after long-term use. It is a necessary pot for almost all families.


Characteristics and advantages

When cooking, the heat conduction is uniform, the lampblack is small, and the bottom of the pot is thick, which can well store heat. Therefore, the food materials are not easy to paste, and can be cooked faster, which can fully preserve nutrition. The fried dishes are delicious and taste good.


Production process

The raw materials of pig iron with high purity are strictly selected. Through dozens of tests, it is ensured that it will become a healthy and qualified casting. First, it will be polished by automatic machinery, and finally, it will be polished by handicraft. The surface of the pot is smooth and the handle is excellent. There is no chemical coating on the pot, so it is not easy to rust. The thickness of the pot is carefully designed, so it performs better in heat conduction and heat storage.


Details of cooking utensils

The handle is made of high-quality black walnut with natural texture and high temperature resistance. It is not easy to deform and crack after long-term use. It is in harmony with the color of cast iron pot body. It is simple and comfortable to hold. It has strong bearing capacity and is very stable.
The pan ear is integrated with the pan body. The same cast iron material is not afraid of high temperature. It’s more solid. You don’t have to worry about being baked by the stove when cooking. When moving the end, you can use anti scalding gloves.


Customized service

Pot can be made into different specifications, the bottom can be round bottom, or flat bottom, you can choose according to your needs. In addition, the lid has wooden lid and toughened glass lid, the style is also up to you.


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