Cast iron baking pan suitable for gas and electric stove Perfectly roasted corn, chicken, beef

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Weight:about 3.7kg
Unique design: won the German Red Dot Design Award

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The cast iron baking pan has a unique design, suitable for baking sweet potatoes, potatoes, corn, chestnuts and other foods. Sealed baking can harvest a different kind of deliciousness. The taste is soft and sweet. It is deeply loved by families, especially children. The taste of roasting.


Healthy material

This pot is suitable for direct burning with open flames, so it is specially made of healthy, durable, high-temperature-resistant cast iron material, which has less impurities and high iron content. It is not only more suitable for cooking, but also good for health. There is no chemical coating and high-temperature baking. Don’t worry about the coating peeling off, apply cooking oil, use medium and low heat to cook, you can achieve a very good baking effect.


Production Process

There is no chemical coating on the surface of the pot, and it is completely dependent on the absorption of fat from the food during cooking. You will find that it will gradually form an oil film. Coupled with the design of its internal bumps, the entire pot will be used repeatedly. Increase, and become less and less sticky, more and more practical, so that you can rest assured to use for many years.


Iron pans are easy to rust. We especially adopt the nitriding heat treatment process to improve the anti-rust ability of cast iron pots. Compared with ordinary cast iron pots, it is not easy to rust, has good quality and is durable.


Features and advantages

The design of this cast iron baking pan won the German Red Dot Design Award. It has a simple appearance, but has a practical beauty. The double iron ears and the pot body are integrally formed. The overall curvature is beautiful, the bottom of the pot is thick, and the heat conduction is uniform. Deformation, can also store heat and keep warm, save energy, increase the baking speed, and taste more delicious.


There is a bump design on the bottom. Sweet potatoes, potatoes, corn, chicken wings and other meat and vegetables are placed on it, maintaining a suspended state, leaving a space for air circulation with the bottom of the pot, and the heat will travel away. Not only is it not easy to stick to the pot, but it can also speed up the baking , So that the food is well-cooked, juicy and more fragrant.


There is a fire pin in the middle of the bottom of the pot, which can introduce a fire source to increase the baking heat, and the pot cover is well sealed, so that the food in the pot enters an all-round baking mode, and the roasted taste is more pure.


Customized service

The flat bottom of the pan can be applied to a variety of stoves, and it can also be used outdoors, and you can choose different specifications according to your needs.


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