Oval enamel pot brand new ceramic non-stick non-picking stove

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Weight:About 5.1kg
Color:Pink,black,blue,cyan and more,all according to your needs

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The blue of the sky is used as the color of the pot, and the color gradation is achieved through high-quality enamel, so that the cast iron pot has a beautiful natural atmosphere. The inner wall is a unique ceramic non-stick coating, which enhances the smooth cooking experience and makes it easier to make food.


Healthy material

The material of this pot is high quality from the inside out. The high-quality cast iron adopts the DISA casting process to be cast as a whole, and the iron is healthy and strong. The exterior is covered with export-quality enamel glaze, the surface is smooth, the color is bright, and it is acid and alkali resistant and abrasion resistant.


Production Process

Still abandoning the chemical non-stick coating, this is a healthy choice. Different from the inner wall of the enamel, this pot has a new breakthrough, that is, the ceramic non-stick coating, which is healthier and has a better non-stick effect. It is not only an upgrade of the craft, but also the practicality of the enamel pot. The dotted appearance also adds a distinctive aesthetic.


Design Features

The ceramic non-stick technology improves the lubrication of the pot, and the food material is not easy to stick to the pot when it comes in contact with it. The thickness of the cast iron improves the heat conduction effect of the pot body, the heat conduction is more uniform, and it is less likely to lose heat, so that the food is cooked faster.


The unique oval-shaped pot body provides more cooking space and can accommodate a whole fish. Steaming rice and baking bread can easily create exquisite shapes. The curve of the handle is rounded, which not only makes the handle more comfortable, but also makes the appearance of the pot more coordinated, full of design beauty, and exquisite and cute.


Open the lid, you will find the classic water gathering points on the inside. When making food, they can condense the steam, allowing the moisture of the ingredients to drip back into the pan. If the ingredients have sufficient moisture, you can use them to make anhydrous food and fully enjoy the food. The original flavor.


The whole pot body is made of cast iron material. Please pay attention to prevent scalding when using it. Wear heat-insulating gloves so that you can protect your hands when you handle it.


Customized service

This enamel pot, like ordinary enamel cast iron pot, can be used on many stoves, such as electric stove/halogen stove/induction stove/gas stove, etc. When purchasing, you can choose different specifications, and you can also customize more kinds of colors.


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