About Us


About Us

Top enterprises in China's light industry enamel industry.

One of the largest cookware mold bases in Asia.

The largest production enterprise of cast iron cookware in the world.

More than 2000 square meters of experimental testing center has been certified by CNAS.

Company Profile

SANXIA was founded in 1998
is a professional manufacturing enterprise integrating independent R & D, industrial design, mold manufacturing, product production, quality control and marketing of cookware. It has the world's top-ranking cast iron cooker mould warehouse and is also the largest production enterprise in the world.


Exporting Countries

For a long time, SANXIA has been providing high-quality products and services for OEM projects of hundreds of famous customers around the world. Tens of thousands of molds have witnessed the cooperation process between us and world-class brands. The products are mainly sold to more than 30 countries, such as the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, Australia, Japan, South Africa, etc., and the export volume has always been the first in the cast iron cooking utensils industry in Asia.

Famous Certification

SANXIA products are complete in categories, including vegetable oil cast iron kitchen, enamel cast iron kitchen, new type spinning fine iron kitchen utensils, etched stainless steel series kitchenware, etc., stewing pot, soup pot, frying pan, frying pan, baking pan and other cooking utensils. All products have passed the professional certification of FDA and European Union LFGB, and enjoy a high reputation and popularity in the global market.


Our Strength

SANXIA focuses on product technology research and development and innovative design, with 130 R & D teams and thousands of technical workers. Over the years, it has continuously learned world experience, introduced world leading professional equipment, advanced core technology, improved automation and intelligent production level, and has multiple fully automatic DISA casting lines, vegetable oil product production lines Various enamel production lines and other professional production and test equipment.

SANXIA smelting production line is equipped with an intelligent hot metal monitoring room in front of the furnace to control the quality of raw materials in real time, ensure the quality and stability of the casting process, and achieve zero solid waste discharge through the advanced solid waste treatment system, which is a revolutionary breakthrough in the casting industry.

As a leading company in the cast iron industry,we have 6 the most advanced automatic DISA casting lines,the level of automation reaches up to more than 98%. Its stable and reliable performance is a strong guarantee for the production of high-quality products.

Production Process


SANXIA fine grinding combines automation and handicraft,the castings pass diozens of testing standards, make the adhesion of the pot surface coating stronger,ensure the product sturdy and beautiful.


SANXIA adapts an advanced military patented anti-rust nitriding equipment,explores cutting-edge smart technology,and cooperates with international front-end enterprises to develop a push plate nitriding heat treatment production line. products have excellent anti-rust and anti-oxidation features through surface treatment before spraying and fill the gap for anti-rust technology of cast iron industry.


Professional oil production lines with a completely safe manufacturing process,don’t  contact with any harmful chemical,vegetable oil is only added for special protection.With many years of experience and improvements,SANXIA create the special "Super Oil Finished" technology,with different colors and properties oil products help industrial civilization return to the beauty of nature.

Welcome To Cooperation

In the future, SANXIA will continue to keep pace with the times, pursue customer satisfaction with technological innovation and product innovation.