A “dream frying pan” that keeps the best part of iron fry-pan while keeping rust away and maintenance easy. 

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Specification:Φ300*97mm Φ320*105mm Φ340*113mm Φ360*120mm
weight:About 1.1kg to 1.95kg by specification
Appearance style of pot:You can choose flat or round bottom, with or without ears and oil nozzles

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A “dream frying pan” that keeps the best part of iron fry-pan while keeping rust away and maintenance easy. ,
Japan Stir-Fry Pan Chinese iron wok is light and healthy without chemical coating,
The pot is light and made of high-purity refined iron, which is healthier than ordinary iron pot. If you do not like the heavy cast iron pot, then this thin iron pot can definitely win the favor of consumers.


Characteristics and advantages

There is no chemical coating on the surface of the pot. With the daily use, it will be more and more glossy, which can achieve a good effect of not easy to stick. The bottom is thick and the wall is thin, so the heat conduction is faster and more uniform, which is suitable for quick frying. The food is cooked quickly when cooking, so as to avoid damaging the nutrition of the food for a long time.


Production process

Sanxia successfully researched and created high-purity iron, with iron content as high as 99.96%, and passed the tests of national iron and steel material testing center and national iron and steel product quality supervision and testing center, which is 0.03 percentage point higher than the main Japanese iron pot on the market. The breakthrough of iron purity makes the pot tough, light and better thermal conductivity. At the same time, the pot body is formed by intelligent spinning, which realizes the different thickness of each part and optimizes the cooking heat conduction effect.


Details of cooking utensils

The handle is made of solid and durable walnut wood, with beautiful texture, heat resistance and anti scalding, moderate thickness when grasping, comfortable handle, and not easy to crack after long-term use. The pan ear is made of stainless steel, which is used together with the handle to make the end moving pan safer and more stable. The design of the nozzle can prevent the soup from leaking out of the pot.


Customized service

The appearance design of this lightweight fine iron pot is quite diverse, such as the pan ears, oil nozzles and bottom. You can customize it according to your own needs. What’s more surprising is that the color of the outer wall of the pot can also be customized, which is the strength of Sanxia’s color technology.


 High wear resistance: made of carbon steel without coating. Even with metal tools, it can better resist scratches and abrasion.
Removable handle: to provide you with the ultimate versatility and space saving. The wok can be easily reinstalled after removing the handle.
Flat bottom: suitable for electric stoves, induction stoves, gas stoves and other heat sources
Without chemical coating, you need to season the wok for this light, healthy, and fast heat-conducting iron pan. Seasoning the pan means forming a protective layer, which acts as a buffer and prevents food from sticking. Such pots are wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, more durable, and can be used for many years when used correctly.
This pot is similar to the Japanese iron pot, and the iron content is higher up to 99.96%, which is healthier. It uses suffocating stainless technology and has enhanced rust resistance. You can also customize different non-stick coatings to make the pot More in line with your customer needs. Our customized production can meet your various needs.

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